Citation Audit And Clean Up Service

Maintaining consistency over the web for your expertise is what will drive results. Inconsistent citations can harm your reputation.

Citations on best doctor directories but with different information about your business will do you more harm than no citation at all.

Stay consisting with listing

Your Name, Address, and Phone numbers (NAP) listing will be checked and rectified across the web.

Ownership of you listing

Your business might be mentioned across the web by others. We will help you gain ownership of all your listings.

Gain clients

With citation audit and clean-up services, there will be a well-managed listing in Google, increasing the number of walk-ins and phone calls.

Why choose us?

Like how doctors need to follow the procedure to cure a patient, we at the doctor marketing agency believe in following rules given by Google. We do not entertain any black hat strategy, and we believe in delivering results and building relationships with our clients.


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